Nigeria Advised To Emulate Trinidad And Tobago In Gas Utilization

(African News Network, 9.Apr.2019) — Nigeria has been advised to emulate the way Trinidad and Tobago develops and utilizes gas resources for the benefit of its citizens.

The Island’s high commissioner in Nigeria, William Wallace, says the country should copy what happens in his country, where he said citizens and residents do not own generators because they have a hundred percent electricity from gas.

Wallace, was speaking at the Nigeria oil and gas opportunity fair, organised by the Nigerian content development and monitoring board in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

Speaking on infrastructure as key enabler for opportunities in the oil and gas sector, Wallace advised Nigeria to utilize its gas resources to benefit the people.

Like his country, Wallace says Nigeria should take charge of the hydro-carbon by participating in the value chain of the gas sector.


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