Petrobras Clarifies Doubts Around Sale Of Petrobras Distribuidora Stake

(Petrobras, 10.Jun.2021) — Petrobras, regarding the pieces of news published in the media concerning the sale of its entire remaining 37.5% stake in the capital of Petrobras Distribuidora S.A. (BR), clarifies that, as disclosed on 26 August 2020, the company’s Board of Directors approved, on that date, the mentioned operation, by means of a secondary public offering of shares (follow-on). The information that the sale will take place by auction is not correct. The amount to be raised will depend on the result of the pricing of the transaction.

The offer is subject to market conditions, the approval of Petrobras’ internal bodies, notably as to price, and the analysis of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) and other regulatory and self-regulatory bodies, under the terms of the applicable legislation.

The company will keep the market informed about any relevant information on the subject