Ecuador Continues to Recover Production, Transport, Refining Operations

(Energy Analytics Institute, 6.Jan.2022) — Ecuador’s oil production has returned to 93% of levels seen before preventive stoppages were executed at the country’s oil and product pipelines in early-December 2021 due to advancing soil erosion of the Piedra Fina river in Napo Province.

“The decision to lift the force majeure makes possible the reestablishment of normal operating conditions for oil transportation, which has allowed us to recover very important production volumes,” Juan Carlos Bermeo Calderón, emphasized 6 Jan. 2022 in an official statement from Ecuador’s Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources (MNRNR).

“We have approximately 449,000 barrels per day of production, of which 346,000 barrels corresponds to the state company and 103,000 barrels to private operators,” Bermeo said, adding that approximately 2,167 wells owned by EP PetroEcuador and private companies have recommenced operations.

Oil Transports and Exports

Crude export loadings resumed on 6 Jan., according to the MNRNR. Nearly 720,000 barrels of Napo Crude will be exported through the OCP terminal and 720,000 barrels of Oriente Crude through the Balao Maritime Terminal, Bermeo said.

Operations at Ecuador’s Esmeraldas and Shushufindi refineries are at 100% of their capacities. The La Libertad refinery complex will reach its maximum capacity on 9 January, accordign to MNRNR.


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