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(IGU, OLADE, ARPEL, 17.Apr.2023) — The world needs to transition to low-carbon economies to reduce global warming while continuing to promote sustainable socioeconomic development for a growing global population.

Achieving this massive goal requires a radical transformation in how energy is supplied and used worldwide, as 73% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are generated by energy use, particularly by burning fossil fuels, representing roughly 80% of the world’s primary energy supply.

Transforming the energy sector at the needed scale and pace is a herculean task, to which all the players in the energy landscape must contribute, while recognizing that the transition will require different pathways and options for different conditions, thus being indeed “transitions” rather than a unique linear sequence.

Read the complete white paper here below:


This paper was prepared by the following three organizations: International Gas Union, ARPEL, and OLADE, with the support and cooperation of many experts and leaders

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