YPF Acquires Own Shares

(Energy Analytics Institute, 20.Nov.2020) — Argentina’s state-controlled oil and gas entity YPF Sociedad Anónima (YPF) acquired its own shares in the market (articles 64 and related articles of the Capital Markets Law N°26.831) for the granting of share compensation plans.

Between 13-20 November 2020 the Buenos Aires-based oil giant acquired:

  1. A total of 105,576 of its ordinary Class D shares, with a nominal value of Ps.10 (ten pesos) per share and entitled to one vote each, in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BASE), at an average price of Ps. 709,7506 per share, for a total amount of Ps. 74,932,632.75

2) A total of 316,893 of its American Depositary Shares (ADS) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), at an average price of US$4,6822 per ADS, for a total amount of $1,483,757.32.

Details of the daily purchases of ADS and Class D shares, respectively, which comprise the aforementioned amount:

YPF also inform the following: “(i) the acquisitions made respected the daily limit for transactions in the market of up to 25%of the average daily trading volume of the stock, in the prior 90 business day period, jointly in the markets it is traded, and (ii) after the acquisitions were made (which include commissions and expenses), the amount of Ps. 254,779,890.88 is still pending with respect to the maximum amount to be invested approved by the Board of Directors (Ps. 550,000,000), as previously informed.”


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