Ecopetrol Reveals Senior Management Changes

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(Ecopetrol, 26.Apr.2024) — Ecopetrol S.A. (BVC: ECOPETROL; NYSE: EC) announces that the Board of Directors, at its meeting held on 26 Apr. 2024, made the following appointments in property:

1. Felipe Trujillo López as Vice President Commercial and Marketing, effective as of this date. Dr. Trujillo has been in charge of this Vice-Presidency since 20 Jan. 2024. He is an Industrial Engineer from Universidad Javeriana, specialist in Strategic Marketing from CESA and Master in Business Administration from Universidad de los Andes. He has 25 years of experience in commercial and marketing positions, 20 of which have been in Ecopetrol in the areas of marketing, commercialization, evaluation and structuring of new businesses. She has held different positions within Ecopetrol, such as National Commercialization Manager, Petrochemicals and Industrials Manager, New Business Manager, Gas Manager and currently Products and Petrochemicals Manager, area in charge of the commercialization and trading of fuels and petrochemicals and industrials produced by Ecopetrol in its refineries and commercialized in the national and international markets.

2. Victoria Irene Sepúlveda Ballesteros as Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, effective as of the date hereof. Dr. Sepúlveda has been in charge of this Vice-Presidency since 19 Jan. 2024. She is a lawyer from the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, with a specialization in Commercial Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga and an MBA candidate from the EAN; with nearly 20 years of experience in administrative and human management positions, having extensive management of human talent and union relations in companies and business groups in the energy sector in Colombia. Previously, she was the Human Resources Manager at Chilco, parent company in Colombia of the Lipigas Group. She has held corporate roles in business groups as Director of Subsidiaries and Human Resources Manager.

3. María Cristina Toro Restrepo as Legal Vice President, effective May 7, 2024. She is a lawyer from Universidad de Caldas with specialization in Mining and Energy Law from Universidad Externado de Colombia, specialist in Commercial Law from Universidad de Caldas and specialist in Tax and Customs Legislation from Universidad de Caldas. With 28 years of experience, she has been General Secretary of EPM, Head of the Legal Advisory Office of Metro de Bogotá, General Secretary of Metro de Medellín, Manager of Labor Relations Management of EPM, General Secretary and Legal Vice-President of Grupo Energía de Bogotá, General Secretary of CHEC and Legal Director of Aguas de Manizales. Member of Women in Connection and of the Advisory Board of the Women and Board Leadership Community of CESA.

Alberto Enrique Consuegra Granger, who had been serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO), will serve until 10 May 2024. Rafael Guzmán, current President of Hocol, will be in charge as acting COO as of 11 May 2024 and until the appointment of the new position is made.

Ecopetrol thanks Alberto for his valuable management during more than seven years in the Ecopetrol Group. His contributions to the achievements were fundamental for the consolidation of the strategy. Ecopetrol wishes him much success in his new challenges.

Likewise, the Board of Directors made the following appointments in the legal representation:

– David Alfredo Riaño Alarcón, Vice President of Low Emissions Solutions, as legal representative and alternate commercial representative in the first line.

– María Catalina Escobar Hoyos, Corporate Vice President of Finance and Sustainable Value, as alternate legal and commercial representative in the second line.

– Nicolás Azcuénaga Ramírez, Corporate Vice President of Strategy and New Businesses, as alternate legal and commercial representative in the third line.


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