Aura Air To Provide BHP Smart Air Systems In Chile

(Aura Air, 19.Oct.2021) — Aura Air, the air purification company offering solutions that make air clean and safe, announced a partnership with global mining corporation BHP to install over 1,000 smart air purifiers in their Escondida and Pampa Norte facilities in Chile.

Implementing Aura Air units in BHP’s facilities will help protect workers’ health by monitoring air quality in each space separately, cleaning and disinfecting it effectively, keeping workers safe and productive. Aura Air’s smart data-driven air purification system cleans indoor air through a unique four-stage purification process to filter 99.9% of viruses including Covid-19, bacteria, germs and allergens while monitoring air quality in real-time.

BHP is utilizing Aura Air’s enterprise platform, allowing it to manage and monitor multiple devices, control each and every aspect of indoor air quality, automate devices’ actions, and gather insights in real time. Aura Air’s control panel can be embedded in every BMS or act as one.

“We are excited to collaborate with BHP installing over 1,000 Aura Air purifiers in their facilities,” said Roei Friedberg, Aura Americas CEO. “This not only helps protect workers’ health from polluted air and airborne viruses, but represents an important continuation of Aura’s vision to help improve people’s daily lives by ensuring clean and safe air in offices, public areas and at home.”

Two recent independent clinical trials, one by Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory and one by Sheba Medical Center, a leading Israeli medical facility (one of the top 10 hospitals in the world), confirmed that Aura Air successfully managed to filter and remove 99.9% of airborne SARS Cov-2.