Guyana Receives Payment For 7th Oil Lift

(MNR, 9.Aug.2021) — In keeping with the current administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability within the Petroleum Sector, the Government Guyana through the Ministry of Natural Resources is pleased to announce that the payment for Guyana’s seventh oil lift was received into the Natural Resources Fund Account.

On July 3rd, 2021, 1,047,820 barrels of oil were lifted from Liza Destiny with a value of US$79,617,561.87, with a grand total to date of 7,056,262 barrels of oil which earned US$388,777,840.1. See table below of lifts and earnings.

As the Government of Guyana manages the nation’s patrimony to the benefit of all Guyanese, it remains committed to providing updates on oil lifts and sales as may be necessary to ensure that all stakeholders and members of the public are informed.


By Guyana’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)