YPF Prepares For Fuel Updates Between Oct.-Dec.

(Energy Analytics Institute, 25.Sep.2020) — YPF, the largest company in Argentina, will increase its fuel prices between now and year end. Two or three price increments are planned, at the rate of one per month, between October and December.

The first adjustment could be on 1 October, online newspaper La Clarín reported on 25 September 2020.

It’s estimated the price increases will be between 2.3% and 3.3% and state oil company YPF is not expected to have to absorb the increases.

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As of 1 October an update on the taxes paid by oil companies will take effect. According to a calculation by Energy Consilium, the consulting firm headed by former Energy Minister Juan José Aranguren), the increase could reach up to 3.3% in the price of gasoline.

“There is a price target for the second half,” the media reported, citing YPF CEO Sergio Affronti. YPF has already raised fuels by more than 11% in Buenos Aires between August and September.


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