Petrobras Complete Bookbuilding Procedure

(Petrobras, 25.Sep.2019) — Petrobras, following the press release issued on July 23, 2019, reports that the bookbuilding procedure of the 7th issuance of simple, non-convertible, unsecured debentures, in up to 3 (three) series, for placement under best efforts, pursuant to CVM Instruction no. 400 of December 29, 2003, as currently in force (“CVM Instruction 400”), considering the procedure indicated for issuers with large exposure to the market, pursuant to Articles 6-A and 6-B of said Instruction (“Offer”), resulted in the issuance of 2 (two) series, in the total amount of R$ 3,008,009,000.00 (three billion, eight million and nine thousand reais).

After the bookbuilding procedure, no debentures were allocated in the 3rd series, maturing on September 15, 2026.

The table below shows a summary including the final conditions obtained and the allocation of Debentures across the Issuance series:

The Offering will start up only after (i) the fulfillment of requirements set forth in the Offer documents; (ii) the granting of the Offering registration by CVM; (iii) the deposit for distribution and trading of the Debentures at B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão and/or B3 – CETIP UTVM Segment; (iv) disclosure of the notice of commencement; and (v) the definitive prospectus made available to investors, pursuant to CVM Instruction 400.

The final settlement of the transaction is expected to occur on October 09, 2019, pursuant to the schedule set forth in the Offer documents.

This market communication is for information purposes only, pursuant to current legislation, and should not be construed or considered, for all legal purposes and effects, as a material for sale and/or disclosure of the Debentures and/or the Offer.


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