Petrobras Says Strategic Plan 2024-2028 is Under Construction

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(Petrobras, 8.Nov.2023) — Petrobras, in relation to the news published in the media and in line with the statement of 25 Oct. 2023, confirms that its 2024-2028 Strategic Plan (2024-28 SP) is under construction, and will still be approved by the company’s Executive Board and Board of Directors.

The strategic elements of the 2024-28 SP, as disclosed to the market on 1 Jun. 2023, aim to prepare Petrobras for a more sustainable future, in the search for a fair and safe energy transition in the country, reconciling the current focus on oil and gas with the search for diversification of our portfolio into low-carbon businesses.

The company reiterates that any change in its CAPEX will follow the strategic elements approved by its Board of Directors, in compliance with current governance practices, the commitment to value creation and the long-term financial sustainability of Petrobras and must, within the governance established in the company, go through the applicable approval processes.


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