Azure Sustainable Fuels Solidifies Strategic Partnership with Savage

(Azure, 30.Oct.2023) — Azure Sustainable Fuels Corp. has formed a strategic partnership with global supply chain company, Savage, and its agribusiness, Bartlett.

Together with the previously announced government financial awards, this partnership further accelerates Azure’s plans of producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2027. Savage and Bartlett bring significant expertise and experience in infrastructure, transportation, logistics, rail and agriculture to support Azure’s efforts in developing multiple dedicated SAF production facilities. 

In June of 2023, Azure formally kicked off the Front-end Engineering and Design (FEED) study and related work required for regulatory approvals on each of its four North American sites. This partnership will ensure these efforts are completed prior to the end of 2024. Azure is developing a modularized design utilizing commercially proven technology, allowing for efficiencies in both speed to market and future growth. Once fully operational, each facility will produce renewable fuels, predominantly SAF, which will reduce emissions by up to 80% when compared to traditional fossil-based jet fuel. SAF is the only material source for emissions reductions in the aviation sector. 

Azure also announced that Jason Ray, President, Infrastructure Sector at Savage, has joined Azure’s Board of Directors. Mr. Ray joined Savage in 2005 and has served in multiple leadership roles with the company. 

This partnership aligns with Savage’s purpose to move and manage materials that matter so its customers and partners can Feed the World, Power Our Lives, and Sustain the Planet. In addition to Savage’s expertise in providing infrastructure and rail related supply chain solutions, the partnership will leverage the agribusiness expertise of Bartlett, a Savage Company. Bartlett brings 116 years of experience in the acquisition, storage, transportation, processing, and merchandising of agriculture products, including sourcing feedstock for renewable fuels.

“Savage’s partnership marks a pivotal moment for Azure, allowing the company to accelerate its goal of becoming a world leader in the production of SAF.  Savage’s expertise in logistics infrastructure, agricultural feedstock trading and brokering, and its commitment to adhering to the highest safety, environmental and business standards are critical elements to ensure the successful development of Azure’s facilities,” said Douglas Cole, CEO of Azure.

“We believe in the vision and expertise of Azure. Through our partnership, we are committed to the successful development of Azure’s renewable fuels production facilities, and the enhancement of North American supply chains for SAF.  At Savage, we’re working to optimize supply chains for renewable transportation fuels throughout North America, making a difference for people and the planet,” said Kirk Aubry, Savage President and CEO.

About Azure

Azure is a privately held corporation solely focused on developing renewable fuels production facilities to provide a significant source of SAF, which is required to meet current domestic and international mandates related to the reduction of CO2 emissions generated by the aviation sector. As a certified drop-in fuel, the use of Azure’s SAF in existing jet engines will provide for a reduction of emissions by up to 80% when compared to traditional fossil-based jet fuel. To learn more, visit

About Savage

Established in 1946, Savage is a privately held, global provider of supply chain infrastructure and solutions, with more than 4,000 team members in over 200 locations. Founded on principles of integrity, innovation, hard work and reliability, we strive to always Do the Right Thing, Find a Better Way, and Make a Difference. Our Customers and Partners count on us to safely and sustainably move and manage what is essential to their business so they can Feed the World, Power Our Lives, and Sustain the Planet. To learn more, visit

About Bartlett

Established in 1907, Bartlett joined the Savage family of companies in 2018. Its diverse agribusiness is focused on the acquisition, storage, transportation, processing, and merchandising of grain, and the company is a leading U.S. exporter of grain to Mexico. Bartlett supplies all classes of wheat, food-grade corn, and soybeans to millers and processors and produces a full line of commercial patent flours.  To learn more, visit


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