Argentina Lithium Engages Resource Stock Digest for Marketing Contract

(Argentina Lithium & Energy Corporation, 23.Oct.2023) — Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (TSXV: LIT) (FSE: OAY3) (OTC: PNXLF) has entered into a services agreement with Resource Stock Digest (RSD), of 1020 Dyer Creek Place, Round Rock, Texas, pursuant to which, among other things, RSD has agreed to provide certain promotional services to the corporation in accordance with Policy 3.4 – Investor Relations, Promotional and Market-Making Activities of the TSX Venture Exchange.

RSD has been engaged for a 3-month advertising and marketing program, commencing on October 25, 2023, for a total fee of US$100,000 payable prior to commencement of the campaign. RSD conducts interviews with the company and produces its own content that is distributed to RSD’s subscriber base.

There are no performance factors contained in the agreement and RSD will not receive common shares or options as compensation. Further, RSD and the company are unrelated and unaffiliated entities and, at the time of the agreement, neither RSD nor any of its principals have an interest, directly or indirectly, in the securities of the corporation.

Resource Stock Digest is owned and operated by Gerardo Del Real and Nick Hodge.


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