Sungrow Inks 60MW/132MWh Energy Storage Contract in Chile

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(Sungrow, 19.Sep.2023) — Sungrow, the global inverter and energy storage system supplier, signed a contract with the Investment Fund WEG-4 to supply 60MW/132MWh of its liquid cooled energy storage system (ESS) solution, the PowerTitan to Chile. This project, located within the 72.8MW Maria Elena Solar Park in Antofagasta, Chile, will enhance the stability and flexibility of the Chilean National Electric System, supporting local carbon-neutral ambitions.

The Maria Elena Solar Park was commissioned in 2015. After a few years of the solar park’s operation, the stakeholders introduced energy storage for energy shifting. The energy storage system will store the renewable energy from the solar plant during the day and release it to the grid at night, increasing the overall efficiency of the solar park and grid stability.

Sungrow’s liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan will be used for this installation. The solution is designed based on Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. It cuts capital and operating expenses due to its pre-assembled and easy installation design, and with a more effective cell working environment which substantially decreases the capacity loss rate. Its DC-DC controller can charge and discharge battery racks individually; thus, increasing the overall system performance. These features earned PowerTitan as the world’s first iF Design Award winner in the utility-scale energy storage system category.

Eduardo Escaffi, partner from WEG-4, Maria Elena Solar Park’s owner, stated, “WEG-4’s commitment to continue investing in assets that contribute to a better environment is evident in the Maria Elena Energy Storage project. We selected Sungrow as our dedicated ESS provider due to their proven track record in the energy storage market, and the competitive features of their products and services, securing the best performance of our assets in the long term.” WEG-4 is a public fund managed by WEG AGF, a prestigious Chilean asset manager established in 2015.

Ada Li, Vice President of Sungrow Americas, expressed, “Energy storage is essential for decarbonizing the Chilean energy system. WEG-4 is at the forefront of enabling the energy transition of this country and we at Sungrow are happy to assist them in creating a better and cleaner future by cutting-edge offerings.”

Chile’s ambitious climate targets aim for 70% of its electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. Solar-plus-storage solutions are becoming the long-term and sustainable trend in ensuring the reliability of the power grid.


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