Petrobras on Unigel Discussions

(Petrobras, 6.Jun.2023) — Petrobras has initiated discussions with Unigel Participações S.A. to analyze joint business involving opportunity development in the areas of fertilizers, green hydrogen and low-carbon projects, in line with the revision of the strategic elements for Petrobras’ Strategic Plan 2024-2028 (SP 2024-28), as disclosed to the market on 1 June 2023. 

Petrobras and Unigel signed a non-binding and two-year confidentiality agreement (Non- Disclosure Agreement). Only after the conclusion of technical analyses by a multidisciplinary group will any projects arising from the agreement have official estimates of cost and return, necessary for future consideration by internal approval bodies, in accordance with the Company’s governance. 

About Unigel 

Founded in 1966, Unigel is strategically located in Brazil, in the states of Bahia, Sergipe, and São Paulo, and in Mexico. It has a leading position in styrenics, acrylics, and nitrogen fertilizers, consolidating itself as one of the largest chemical companies in Latin America and the largest nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer in the country. 

Present in people’s daily routine, Unigel supplies fundamental raw materials for the manufacture of end products for the appliance and electronics, automotive, paints and coatings, civil construction, pulp and paper, packaging, health and beauty, textile, mining, and agricultural markets. In addition, the company carries out the first initiative for industrial-scale production and distribution of hydrogen and green ammonia in Brazil. 


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