Trinidad Minister Young Participates in Ministerial Roundtable

(TT MEEI, 28.Jun.2022) — Honourable Minister Stuart Young participated in the Ministerial Roundtable titled, “A Bright Future Through Energy” at the Suriname Energy, Oil and Gas Summit 2022 on 28 June 2022.

Minister Young opened discussions by referencing a Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) article which highlighted an example of some European countries returning to coal this year in order to avoid short term power outage.

Minister Young also reiterated Trinidad and Tobago’s position to strike a balance between Renewable Energy and Natural Gas in order to ensure energy security in the region.

Minister Young also noted that collaboration is one of the fundamental principles of Caricom and that the region, in particular Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago as countries with significant hydrocarbon resources, would be stronger with greater collaboration in energy matters including, when negotiating for their countries’ benefits.

In closing, Minister Young cited that striking a balance between multinationals, obtaining their return on investment and sovereign nations earning their fair share of resources is paramount.


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