Ecopetrol Rectifies False Details Published on Third-party Website

(Ecopetrol, 18.Mar.2022) — Ecopetrol S.A. (BVC: ECOPETROL;NYSE: EC) informs that on 17 March 2022, it became aware of certain false information published on a now-deactivated website (, which purported to give Colombians an opportunity to access the company’s profits by investing COP 960,000 in cryptocurrency for trading in an instrument called “Bitcoin Ecopetrol” and which would generate COP 20,000,000 in profits in one week.  This information is false and Ecopetrol was not affiliated in any manner with such information or such website.

In this regard, Ecopetrol indicates that any news, communication and/or publication made in mass media, related to: i) the existence of an investment scheme promoted, led, guaranteed and/or sponsored by Ecopetrol through the marketing of cryptocurrencies or similar schemes; ii) the existence of an investment scheme that guarantees a minimum return on investments in cryptocurrencies or similar schemes issued or structured by Ecopetrol; iii) the endorsement and promotion of investment schemes in cryptocurrencies or similar figures by legal representatives or administrators of Ecopetrol and/or iv) the participation of Ecopetrol’s CEO in investment schemes in cryptocurrencies or similar figures, is false and is not information which the Company has authorized or approved for dissemination either in the context of its role as an issuer of securities or pursuant to  the laws and regulations that govern Ecopetrol.

Information on Ecopetrol as an issuer of securities in the local and international capital markets is available only through Ecopetrol’s website by accessing the links related to the Issuance Program and Fixed Income, as well as through the Ecopetrol’s reports to the Superintendency of Finance of Colombia and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.

Any URLs in the report on Form 6-K are intended to be inactive textual references only. It is not intended to be an active hyperlink to our or any other website. The information on such a website, which might be accessible through a hyperlink resulting from such URL, is not and shall not be deemed to be incorporated into this report on Form 6-K.