NRGBriefs: Trinidad’s Gas Production Falls [PDF Download]

(Energy Analytics Institute, 5.Nov.2021) — Energy briefs including Trinidad and Tobago’s natural gas and LNG production continuing to slide; Caribbean Accelerator CEO Racquel Moses talking about things a small developing island state needs to advance its climate ambitions; and more.



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Trinidad and Tobago

— Trinidad and Tobago’s gas production fell to 2.4 Bcf/d in Jul. 2021 vs 2.5 Bcf/d in Jun. 2021, the twin-island country’s Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) announced 5 Nov. 2021 in its monthly consolidated bulletin. LNG production from the country’s four-train Atlantic LNG complex fell to 1.1 MMcm in Jul 2021 vs 1.2 MMcm in Jun. 2021, the MEEI reported.

— Talking about things a small developing island state needs to advance its climate ambitions, Caribbean Accelerator CEO Racquel Moses said 5 Nov. 2021 over social media that “for the most part it is money.” Moses said “we have the innovation, the talent and new ideas required to transform our economies. What we don’t have are capacity, fiscal space and concessionary finance to make it all happened. We cannot pay the price for the industrialization from which we didn’t profit.”


By Ian Silverman, Aaron Simonsky and Piero Stewart. © Energy Analytics Institute (EAI). All Rights Reserved.