Petrobras On Sapinhoá Seismic Acquisition

(Petrobras, 9.Jun.2021) — Petrobras will start on 13 June 2021 the first of the two seismic acquisitions of the Sapinhoá field monitoring project, in the pre-salt of the Santos Basin. Seismic acquisition is an important tool for managing the deposit (reservoirs) and optimizing production systems, seeking to maximize the value of the assets by increasing the recovery factor of the deposits.

The contract signed with the company Seabed Geosolutions do Brasil includes 3D and 4D geophysical acquisition and processing, with total investments of about US$ 118 million. Base seismic (3D), with an area of 575 km², is being started this month, and monitor seismic acquisition (4D), with an area of 478 km², is scheduled to begin in 2024.

The new surveys will use an innovative technological solution, called Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN), which allows better collection of the deposit´s information from sensors installed on the ocean floor to obtain better seismic response in geologically complex areas such as the pre-salt. The survey of 3D geophysical data at different times, or 4D acquisition, allows reservoir geoscientists and engineers to follow fluid displacement, observe oil and water saturation variation and identify effects of rock-fluid interaction and the geomechanical behavior of reservoirs, contributing to better management of oil recovery from the deposit and production development.

Petrobras is the operator of the concession where the Sapinhoá field is located, with a 45% stake, in partnership with Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda. (30%) and Repsol Sinopec Brasil S.A. (25%).