Petrobras Commences Binding Phase For Divestment Of TBG And TSB

(Petrobras, 30.Apr.2021) — Petrobras, following up on the release disclosed on 5 February 2021, informs the beginning of the binding phase regarding the sale of the totality of its stakes of 51% in Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolivia-Brasil S.A. (TBG) and 25% in Transportadora Sulbrasileira de Gás S.A. (TSB).

Potential buyers qualified for this phase will receive a process letter with detailed instructions on the divestment process, including guidelines for conducting due diligence and for submitting binding proposals.

This disclosure is in accordance with Petrobras’ internal rules and with the special regime of asset divestment by federal mixed capital companies, provided for in Decree 9,188/2017. This operation is aligned with the strategy of portfolio optimization and the improvement of the company’s capital allocation, aiming the maximization of value for its shareholders.

About TBG and TSB

TBG is a company that operates in the transportation of natural gas and is present in the main economic axis of Brazil, in the Midwest, Southeast and South regions, being the owner and operator of the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline in Brazilian territory. Its gas pipeline has a length of 2,593 km, with a transportation capacity of up to 30 million m3/day of natural gas.

TSB is located in Rio Grande do Sul, with 50 km of pipelines already installed, with a transportation capacity of up to 7.68 million m3/day of natural gas and an additional 565 km project that, once completed, will allow the connection of the production fields in Argentina to the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre and to TBG’s gas pipeline.