LatAm Briefs: Mendoza Province Asset Grab, Ecuador Elections

(Energy Analytics Institute, 2.Apr.2021) — Energy briefs from the Latin America and Caribbean region including: Mendoza taking back an area in the Neuquina Basin from a Medanito subsidiary and Ecuador eying second round presidential elections.

Mendoza Province Takes Back Assets From Medanito Subsidiary

Argentina’s Mendoza province on 12 March 2021 took away an area in the Neuquina Basin from Chañares Energía, a subsidiary of Medanito, and awarded it to two companies: Aconcagua Energía and Crown Point, the daily newspaper Río Negro announced on 2 April 2021.

Ecuador Eyes Second Round Presidential Elections

Andean oil producer Ecuador, a significant oil producer and former OPEC member, is eyeing second round presidential elections on 11 April 2021.


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