Petrobras On Questionings Energy Ministry

(Petrobras, 18.Mar.2021) — Petrobras clarifies that it inquired its controlling shareholder, through the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), to which the company is linked under Law 9. 478/1997, about the existence of information that should be disclosed to the market, under the terms of CVM Instruction 358/2002, in view of pieces of news released in the media, such as Istoé (19 February 2021) – “Something will happen at Petrobras”; Valor Online (23 February 2021) – “Bolsonaro says ‘there is a lot of wrong stuff’ at Petrobras and that new CEO will ‘fix it'”; InfoMoney (25 February 2021) – “State-owned companies must have a social function and Silva e Luna will give new dynamics to Petrobras, says Bolsonaro “; Jornal O Globo (2 March 2021) – “Guedes recognizes that change in Petrobras command was ‘bad’ from an economic point of view. “

These questionings to the MME were made between 19 February 2021 and 15 March 2021.

In response, on 17 March 2021, the MME forwarded the following clarification: “Regarding the emails listed below, I report that, within the scope of competence of this directory, the Ministry of Mines and Energy does not have relevant information that should be disclosed to the market.”