Petrobras Receives Proposals For Urucu Cluster

(Petrobras, 1.Feb.2021) — Petrobras, following up on the release disclosed on 7 December 2020, informs it has received binding proposals for the sale of its entire stake in a set of seven onshore production concessions, called Urucu Cluster, located in the Solimões Basin, in the state of Amazonas, and it has begun the negotiation phase of the terms and conditions for the potential sale with Eneva S.A.

The signing of the sale contracts is subject to the success of the negotiations, which involve commercial and contractual aspects of the transaction to be approved by the decision-making bodies of both parties.

Petrobras reinforces its commitment to a broad transparency of its divestment projects and portfolio management and informs that the subsequent steps will be disclosed to the market in accordance with Petrobras’ internal rules and with the provisions of the special procedure of assignment of exploration rights, development and production of oil, natural gas and other fluid hydrocarbons, provided for in Decree 9,355/2018.