Petrobras To Join Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE)

(Petrobras, 1.Dec.2020) — Petrobras will be part of B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) again. The company will integrate the main Brazilian index under the aspect of corporate sustainability in 2021, which did not occur since 2008.

“The return to ISE is a recognition of our efforts and initiatives in the environmental, social and governance aspects. Our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan presents the model of double resilience, economic and environmental, with a focus on low carbon. We are committed to accelerating the decarbonization of our processes and products through new technologies.” said Roberto Castello Branco, the company’s CEO.

ISE is a tool for comparative analysis of the performance of the companies listed in B3 under the aspect of corporate sustainability, based on economic efficiency, environmental balance, social justice and corporate governance. The new portfolio of B3 ISE brings together 46 shares of 39 companies. Together, the companies total R$1.8tn in market value, 38% of the total market value of companies with shares traded in B3.