Petrowarao Reactivates A-162 Gas Condensate Well in Zulia

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(Energy Analytics Institute, 29.Feb.2024) — The mixed company Petrowarao, S.A. reactivated the A-162 gas condensate well in Zuila state in western Venezuela.

The achievement was possible due to major maintenance work and the repair of lake pipelines, state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) announced 29 Feb. 2024 in an official statement.

The work will allow for the transfer of 57-degree API crude oil to the UD-9 production manifold, whose operations extend offshore, PDVSA said.

The oil, the lightest in the world, is used as a diluent to improve the quality of Venezuela’s heavy oil, making the refining process simpler and less expensive, according to PDVSA.


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