PDVSA’s Domestic Refineries Producing Only 230,000 b/d

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(Energy Analytics Institute, 18.Feb.2024) — Venezuela’s state-owned oil giant Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), which has a total processing capacity of 1.303 million b/d from its six domestic refineries – Amuay, Cardón, Bajo Grande, Puerto la Cruz, El Palito and San Roque – is only producing 230,000 b/d, according to an oil sector union leader now living in exile.

Amuay and Cardón, which comprise the Paraguana Refining Center (CRP), are only producing 150,000 b/d, said Iván Freites, who once represented the United Federation of Venezuelan Oil Workers (FUTPV) while he lived in Venezuela, in a post on social media. 

PDVSA’s Puerto La Cruz refinery is processing 80,000 b/d, while the other refineries are reportedly not producing any products, Freites said. 


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