Venezuela Votes on Disputed Essequibo Region

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(Energy Analytics Institute, 4.Dec.2023) — Venezuelans voted in fair a referendum claiming sovereignty over the Essequibo region, a disputed area on Venezuela’s eastern border with Guyana.

The region spans roughly 60,000 square miles and is comprised mainly of dense jungle and is rich in oil and mineral reserves.

Venezuela has long held claim to the land, which it says was stolen when borders between the two nations were drawn by international arbitrators over a century ago, when Guyana was still a British colony, Democracy Now reported on 4 Dec. 2023 on social media.

“Sunday’s referendum has heightened fears in Guyana that Venezuela could try to take over Essequibo through annexation. On Friday, the International Court of Justice warned Venezuela against taking any action to assert control over Essequibo,” Democracy Now said.


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