Perenco Congo and Congorep Complete Seismic Campaign

(Perenco Congo, 2.Nov.2023) — Perenco Congo and Congorep, the joint venture company between Perenco and Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (the national petroleum company of the Republic of Congo, SNPC), both major players in hydrocarbon production in the Republic of Congo, are pleased to confirm they have completed a successful 3D seismic acquisition campaign off the Congolese coast.

The campaign focused on the Tchibouela II, Tchendo II, Marine XXVIII and Emeraude permits, and targeted the geology beneath the salt layer (pre-salt) located at a depth of between 2,000 and 3,000 metres. The seismic campaign was a result of the discovery of hydrocarbon reservoirs on neighbouring permits and highlights Perenco Congo and Congorep’s determination to continue exploring new oil fields in Congo.

The seismic campaign, which has now concluded, achieved complete coverage of the area despite a number of operational challenges, including working around existing platforms, significant shipping activity, and variable weather conditions.

The seismic acquisition vessel was equipped with a cable array 6,000 metres long, 900 metres wide and with a rotation radius of 4 kilometres.  

Stéphane BARC, General Manager of Perenco Congo and Congorep, said:

“The data collected during this campaign is now undergoing processing, after which it is expected to enable both Perenco Congo and Congorep to achieve further exploration success in the region.  This campaign demonstrates Perenco Congo and Congorep’s commitment to the continued exploration of new oil opportunities in the Republic of Congo, while ensuring responsible and sustainable practices with respect to the marine environment.”


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