Petrobras on Tax Contingencies with RJ State

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(Petrobras, 23.Feb.2023) — Petrobras, in clarification to the pieces of news disclosed in the media, reiterates its commitment to tax compliance as a pillar of its recently approved Tax Policy, as informed to the market on 26 January 2023, and highlights the collection it has generated in favor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, amounting to R$ 94.8bn in the last five (5) years, as ICMS (Value-Added Tax on Sales and Services), Royalties and Special Participation.

The company also clarifies that the tax contingencies do not consist in indebtedness, but involve divergences of understanding between the tax authorities and taxpayers, about which the company has sought to defend its interests in administrative and judicial proceedings, promoting the guarantee of debts, when necessary.

In addition, the company clarifies that it is always open to dialogue with the tax entities and that, furthermore, eventual agreements will be timely submitted for approval by the relevant corporate bodies, in accordance with the company’s governance rules.


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