Petrobras on Coparticipated Area of Sépia

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(Petrobras, 31.Oct.2022) — Petrobras confirms a discovery of oil in the Coparticipated Area of Sépia with the drilling of well 4-BRSA-1386D-RJS, in the northwestern part of the field.

The well is located 250 km south of the city of Rio de Janeiro, under a water depth of 2197 meters, and had its spud-in on 31 July 2022, about three months after the signing of the contract of the Sépia Transfer of Rights (ToR) Surplus consortium. The oil-bearing interval was verified by means of electrical logs and fluid samples, which will be further characterized by laboratory analyses. The net oil column is one of the thickest ever recorded in Brazil. The consortium will continue operations to characterize the conditions of the reservoirs found and verify the extent of the discovery.

The Sépia Coparticipated Area is composed by the Sépia block, acquired by Petrobras (100%) though the Transfer of Rights Contract, signed with Brazilian government in 2010, and by the Sépia ToR Surplus block, acquired in December 2021, in the 2nd transfer-ofrights production sharing auction realized by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The Sépia ToR Surplus block was purchased by a Consortium comprising Petrobras (operator), TotalEnergies, QatarEnergy and Petronas Petróleo Brasil Ltda., with Pre-Sal Petróleo S.A. (PPSA) as manager.


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