Petrobras on Divestment of Onshore Optic Fiber Network

(Petrobras, 30.Sep.2022) — Petrobras started the opportunity disclosure stage (teaser), regarding the sale of its onshore fiber optic network.

The teaser, which contains the key information about the opportunity, as well as the eligibility criteria for the selection of potential participants, is available on on Petrobras’ Investor Relations website:

The main subsequent stages of the project will be informed to the market in due course.

This disclosure is in accordance with Petrobras’ internal rules and with the special regime for divestment of assets by federal mixed economy companies, provided for in Decree 9,188/2017.

This operation is in line with the company’s portfolio optimization strategy and capital allocation improvement, aiming to maximize value and higher return to society.

About the Asset

The asset consists of the onshore fiber optic network that is approximately 8,000 km long, covering all regions of the country, connecting several state capitals and metropolitan regions. The fiber optic network is composed of buried cables, most of which have a capacity of 36 optical fibers each, packed in high-density polyethylene HDPE tubes (bi tube) for higher protection and maintenance versatility.


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