Colombia Has Combined Gas Potential Of 20 Tcf, Says Francisco Jose Lloreda Mera

(Energy Analytics Institute, Piero Stewart, 12.Mar.2019) — ACP Colombia President Francisco Jose Lloreda Mera said the country continues to move forward with efforts to attract investors to help develop its estimated gas potential of 20 Tcf, the official said March 12 during CERAWeek by IHS Markit in Houston.

Of the reserve potential, 50% are considered conventional while the other 50% are considered unconventional, he said. “We have gas near existing infrastructure, but what we need is political determination to develop those resources.”

In order to move forward with efforts to develop the potential, many decisions must be made in Colombia, said Lloreda, including discussions related to development of unconventionals, measures to provide investors with confidence to move forward with development of resources offshore as well as necessary infrastructure to develop the resources onshore.

“I am very optimistic, but it requires some additional measures from the government,” he said.

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