Argus Launches Series Of Daily Jet Fuel Prices In Brazil

(Argus, 5.Nov.2018) — Global energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus has launched a series of daily jet fuel prices for the aviation fuel market in Brazil.

Local and international airlines continue to invest in the growing Brazilian aviation market, driving the need for an independent reference for delivered jet fuel costs in the country.

Key trading and aviation activity centres on Brazil’s four largest, most liquid hubs — Itaqui, Suape, Rio de Janeiro and Santos. While liquidity is still gathering pace in these locations, Argus has developed a series of constructed daily prices showing the cost of delivering jet fuel from the US Gulf coast to these hubs, which supply Brazil’s largest, busiest airports.

The new delivered prices take into account jet fuel assessments at the US Gulf coast, freight rates, insurance, losses, demurrage costs, port waiting times and maritime tax to applicable ports.

“Argus is pleased to be the first global price reporting organisation to publish a Brazil jet fuel price, bringing transparency to the rapidly growing Latin American aviation markets,” Argus Media chairman and chief executive Adrian Binks said.



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