Environmental Protection Key Pemex Element

(Pemex, 14.Jun.2015) – Maintaining or improving competitiveness in the oil industry will increasingly require a better environmental performance. Therefore, environmental protection is currently one of the key elements in the company’s business strategy along the value chain, Emilio Lozoya, CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), stated at the “Pemex-2015 5th Environmental Conference.”

In the presence of Mexico’s Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, and Mexico’s Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Juan José Guerra Abud, Lozoya stated that in addition to the progress in the mitigation of greenhouse gases, guidelines are being carried out to implement the integrated management of waste, prevent leaks and spills, promote an efficient use of water, and remediate contaminated sites.

“We must be fully aware that in the current circumstances, in today’s world, competitiveness unquestionably includes an environmental aspect, both by regulatory requirements and by society’s demands,” he declared.

For his part, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Secretary of Energy, assured the federal government’s commitment to environmental sustainability, as one of the main pillars of the country’s economic growth.

Therefore, he specified, the Legislature included within the provisions of the Energy Reform, the National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection for the, Hydrocarbons Sector (ASEA), a specific regulator for the sector, will oversee that the rules for safety and environmental protection are strictly complied. “We have clear rules so that the exploitation of hydrocarbons complies with environmental and social criter”ia.

He highlighted the work of Pemex in this area, because it is not only committed to competitiveness and modernization, but, he assured, has prioritized the social and environmental responsibility as a fundamental pillar of development.

During his speech, the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources emphasized that solving global climate change is one of the most important challenges humanity faces; he pointed out that the present administration has taken steps to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, undertaking them by the same energy sector under the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and Pemex.

Likewise, Guerra Abud congratulated Pemex for its actions against climate change, and emphasized that the company has always given priority to safety and environmental care.

The challenges to evaluate the emergency responsiveness, sustainability as a business strategy in the energy sector and environmental regulation in shale gas, were among the topics discussed during the conference. Moreover, legal panels were featured in which the challenges and opportunities of the takeover of ASEA, and the initiative of National Water Law were analyzed.

In the event, Pemex’s production assets and workplaces’ achievements in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development during the 2013-2014 period, were recognized.


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