Petrobras Clarifies Media Reports

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(Petrobras, 12.Mar.2024) — Petrobras, regarding the article “Presentation to analysts in NY would have signaled payment of dividends by Petrobras”, published in Valor, clarifies that the company did not promise or signal any indication of extraordinary dividends at the event held with analysts and investors on 01/30/2024 and 01/31/2024.

Petrobras seeks to be transparent about its governance and decision-making processes so that investors can make their analyses and reach their conclusions, in line with best market practice, which was the aim of the event.

The presentations made at the event, which did not contain any material information not previously disclosed, were published on the company’s website and filed with the Brazilian Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in accordance with Petrobras’ usual practice, and lasted two days, dealing with various topics, such as E&P, Refining, Logistics, Engineering, Governance, Diversity and Anti-Harassment, as well as Financial Strategy.

The company clarifies that meetings with analysts and investors are held in the normal course of its activities and that it does not disclose material non-public information at such events.

Finally, the company reinforces its commitment to compliance with applicable governance practices and procedures.


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