Petrobras on Conclusion of Investigation into Unigel

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(Petrobras, 4.Mar.2024) — Petrobras clarifies that its Governance and Compliance Department has concluded the investigation into possible interference by two of its directors in the processing of the procedure that led to the signing of the tolling contract with Unigel and has concluded that there is no confirmation of irregularities in this regard.

This investigation was fully monitored by KPMG, which carried out additional tests and examined the procedures and controls applicable to the whole process, under the terms of the rules applicable to the matter.

As is usually the case in Petrobras’ internal investigations in similar cases, the procedure provides that, in addition to document analysis and interviews with those involved in the process, there will be an examination of digital media, data and information contained in institutional equipment that may be essential to clarifying the facts, under the terms of the company’s rules that guide its internal investigations and in order to offer transparency and agility in the investigations.

The information that the contract was not signed in accordance with all the relevant procedures is unfounded. On the contrary, the contract was approved and validated by all the previous bodies, so that the company’s governance system was fully respected. The claim that KPMG has removed directors from the process of certifying the financial statements is also incorrect.

KPMG has been Petrobras’ independent auditor since 2017 and has been hired by the company to audit the financial statements. It is not true that KPMG was hired by the Statutory Audit Committee or any of its members to carry out an investigation into the Unigel contract.

The disclosure schedule for Petrobras’ financial statements is maintained.

As already informed to the market, the service contract with Unigel is of a provisional nature and aims to allow the plants located in Sergipe and Bahia, which belong to Petrobras, to continue operating for eight months, without extension. The temporary tolling service contract proved to be the best alternative among those available, considering the current situation of the plants and the risk scenarios.

The tolling operation (gas processing service with a view to producing urea and ammonia) will still be activated, and so far Petrobras has not made any disbursements.

The intention of the signatory parties is, during the term of this contract, to work together to discuss and implement a sustainable business model for these two plants in the long term.

Finally, the company reiterates that it has been providing all the clarifications requested by the TCU.


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