Final Results of Takeover Bid on Exmar NV

(Exmar, 19.Sep.2023) — The reopening of the acceptance period of the voluntary public takeover bid launched by Saverex NV (the “Bidder”) for all shares and share options issued by Exmar NV (“Exmar” or the “Target”) not already owned by it or persons affiliated with it (the “Bid”) ended on Friday 15 September 2023.

Following the voluntary reopening of the Bid, a total amount of 20,912,821 shares in the Target were tendered in the Bid, representing 35.15% of the outstanding shares in the Target. As a result, the Bidder will hold a total of 47,812,252 shares in the Target, representing 80.36% of the outstanding shares in the Target. Taking into account the shares in the Target held by Nicolas Saverys (7,924 shares) and by Exmar (2,018,513 shares), the Bidder and persons affiliated with it together will hold 49,838,689 shares, representing 83.76% of the outstanding shares in the Target.

The payment of the bid price for the shares offered during the voluntary reopening is scheduled for Monday 2 October 2023.


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