Petrobras Updates on Offshore Wind Protocol at IBAMA

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(Petrobras, 15.Sep.2023) — Petrobras, following up on the  release disclosed to the market on 13 September 2023, informs that the request to start the environmental licensing process for ten areas in the Brazilian sea for the development of offshore wind energy projects aims to assess the technical-economic and environmental viability of areas with strong potential for future project development, as well as the cooperation signed with Equinor for the evaluation of another seven areas, as communicated on 6 March 2023.

This type of request to Ibama does not mean an investment decision, nor does it guarantee the right to the areas, which should only happen after a process to be conducted in accordance with the regulations under discussion in the National Congress.

Once the areas have been granted, the development of projects will be assessed and submitted to the company’s competent bodies, with all the necessary requirements for demonstrating technical and economic viability. Specifically for renewable generation projects, such as offshore wind farms, obtaining energy contracts, on the free market or via energy auctions, will be one of the factors needed to define the viability of the projects.

The company will intensify its measurements of wind potential, using devices installed on its fixed platforms and the Bravo (Remote Buoy of Offshore Wind Assessment) technology, which has been developed in partnership with the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Renewable Energies (ISI-ER). In addition to measuring the offshore wind resource, Petrobras will gather the main environmental information from studies already carried out in the Brazilian marine environment.

The use of these synergies aims to identify and define the best areas for exploiting offshore wind resources in Brazil, giving Petrobras a competitive advantage once the sector’s regulatory framework has been established. 


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