Petrobras Comments on RNEST

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(Petrobras, 14.Sep.2023) — Petrobras, regarding the pieces of news published in the media, informs that, as disclosed to the market on 29 June 2023, the co. decided to continue with the implementation of Train 2 of the Abreu e Lima Refinery – RNEST, after a decision based on a careful reassessment of the RNEST Project which, in light of the premises of the Strategic Plan 2023-2027, had its economic attractiveness confirmed.

The amount of investment in refining was disclosed in the Strategic Plan 2023-2027, totaling around $8bn between 2023 and 2027, of which $1.5bn in the RNEST Project.

RNEST’s Train 2 is scheduled to start operating in 2027, and with this implementation, Petrobras will contribute to expanding the country’s refining capacity, making it possible to increase the production of oil products, especially S10 diesel, to meet market demands.


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