Petrobras on Potiguar Cluster

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(Petrobras, 19.May.2023) — Petrobras informs that on today’s date IBAMA issued the operational license for the Ubarana, Ubarana Oeste and Cioba fields, in the Potiguar basin, which are part of the Potiguar Cluster, in favor of 3R Potiguar S.A. The license was a precedent condition for the closing of the transaction.

Facts deemed relevant on this topic will be timely disclosed to the market.

About Potiguar Cluster

The Potiguar Cluster comprises three subclusters (Canto do Amaro, Alto do Rodrigues and Ubarana), totaling 22 fields, with 3 offshore concessions and 19 onshore concessions located in Rio Grande do Norte, and includes access to infrastructure for processing, refining, logistics, storage, transportation and offloading of oil and natural gas. The Ubarana subcluster concessions are located in shallow waters, between 10 and 22 km off the coast of the city of Guamaré, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The other concessions of the Canto do Amaro and Alto do Rodrigues subclusters are onshore.


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