Petrobras on Human Rights, Corporate Citizenship

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(Petrobras, 19.May.2023) — Petrobras published the first edition of the Human Rights and Corporate Citizenship Supplement for the year 2022. The supplement presents the company’s indicators, goals, and actions related to human rights and corporate citizenship.

The document provides annual accountability and reinforces the commitments made by the company: UN Global Compact; Gender and Race Pro-Equity Program; Women’s Empowerment Principles; Declaration of Corporate Commitment to Combat Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents; National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor; Companies Open Letter for Human Rights; Business Initiative for Racial Equality; National Early Childhood Network.

To promote respect for human rights and diversity, Petrobras has committed to train 100% of its employees in this subject by 2025. Furthermore, Petrobras has structured a human rights due diligence process manual integrated into the company’s operations, with the goal of reaching 100% of the company’s operations by 2025.

On the theme of diversity and inclusion, the highlights are the Women’s Mentorship Programs, created to encourage the insertion and permanence of women in leadership positions, and the creation of working groups to increase equity and inclusion in the workforce.

Petrobras’ performance in Human Rights also includes the supplier and partner chain and the communities where the company operates, encouraging good practices, such as combating discrimination and harassment, promoting diversity, and fighting slave and child labor.

Among the corporate citizenship practices, the supplement highlights the donations, volunteer work, cultural and sports sponsorships, and the voluntary investment in social and environmental projects via the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program.

The complete supplement is available at Petrobras’ Investor Relations website.


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