Petrobras on Environmental Licensing Process

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(Petrobras, 18.May.2023) — Petrobras has received news about IBAMA’s rejection, yesterday, of the environmental licensing process for Block FZA-M-59 in Amapá Águas Profundas. The company also informs that it has not been officially notified by the agency, and as soon as it is notified it will formulate a request for reconsideration at the administrative level.

Petrobras understands that it has strictly followed all the requirements of the licensing process and all the resources mobilized in Amapá and Pará for the Pre-Operational Assessment (simulated to test the emergency response plans) were done strictly in accordance with IBAMA’s decisions and approvals.

The development of this block is a commitment made by Petrobras to the ANP, which will incur a contractual fine if it is not carried out.

The company remains committed to the development of the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, recognizing the importance of new frontiers to ensure the country’s energy security and the resources needed for a fair and sustainable energy transition. To supply Brazil’s future demand for oil, the country will have to look for new sources in addition to the pre-salt.

In this sense, Petrobras is making efforts to obtain the drilling license in the Potiguar Basin, as planned in its Strategic Plan 2023-27, as well as the execution of exploration projects planned in Brazil and abroad.

As a result of this decision, the rig and the other resources mobilized in the region of Block FZA-M-59 in the next few days will be directed to the company’s activities in the Southeastern Basins.

Petrobras reaffirms that the well that is the object of this licensing is located 175 kilometers off the coast of Amapá and more than 500 kilometers away from the mouth of the Amazon River.


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