Petrobras on Nominations to Board of Directors and Fiscal Council

(Petrobras, 15.Mar.2023) — Petrobras, following up on the press releases of 02/28/2023, 03/01/2023 and 03/08/2023, informs that it received an official letter from the Ministry of Mines and Energia (MME) presenting, in a supplementary manner, three nominations of candidates for the slate of the Federal Government, as controlling shareholder, for the eight vacancies of the Board of Directors (BoD) whose elections will take place at the next Shareholders’ General Meeting of Petrobras. At the request of the MME, these nominations must be evaluated by the competent bodies of the Company so that, if impediments are found that prevent the continuity of one or more of the other candidates indicated originally, substitutions can be made in a timely manner, without delay in the holding of the Meeting.

The nominated candidates are:

In addition, the letter from the MME formalized four nominations for the company’s Fiscal Council (FC), whose elections will also take place at the next Shareholders’ General Meeting.

The nominated candidates are:

All nominations, both to the Board of Directors and to the Fiscal Council, will be submitted to the company’s internal governance procedures, observing the Policy for Nominating Senior Management Members, for analysis of legal and management and integrity requirements and subsequent manifestation by the Committee of People, pursuant to article 21, paragraph 4, of Decree 8945/2016, amended by Decree 11048/2022.

Below are the resumes of the nominated candidates.

Click here to access the complete versions of the nominated candidates.


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