Petrobras on Leniency Agreements

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(Petrobras, 1.Nov.2022) — Petrobras informs that it received, over the last quarter, the devolution of about R$439mn, recovered through leniency agreements with Camargo Corrêa, Novonor S.A. (formerly known as Odebrecht S.A.) and SBM, as well as Pedro Barusco’s collaboration agreement.

With these devolutions, the total amount of funds transferred to Petrobras’ coffers (including subsidiaries), as a result of collaboration, leniency, and repatriation agreements, exceeded R$6.7bn.

In October, Camargo Corrêa returned R$ 235.6mn to Petrobras and another R$6.9mn to Transpetro, a subsidiary of the company contemplated in the same leniency agreement, in addition to R$88mn already received previously, which represent some of the portions of the total amount to be returned.

Novonor S.A., in turn, paid R$71.3mn to Petrobras and another R$728 thousand to Transpetro, representing part of the total amount to be returned, which is to be paid in 22 (twenty-two) annual installments.

The leniency agreements with Camargo Corrêa and Novonor were signed with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), as well as with the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) and the Federal Attorney General’s Office (AGU).

SBM returned to Petrobras R$113.7mn between August and October 2022. Approximately R$48.7mn were paid directly to the company and another R$64.9mn were deducted from payments owed by Petrobras to SBM as a result of contracts in force for the chartering of platforms and provision of services. SBM’s leniency agreement was entered into in 2018 with Petrobras, in addition to CGU and AGU. Excluding the amounts reimbursed in this last quarter, approximately R$1.1bn have already been returned by SBM to Petrobras as a result of the agreement.

The compensation arises from Petrobras being a victim in the crimes investigated in Car Wash Operation. The company has adopted the appropriate measures in search of adequate compensation for the losses that were caused. Petrobras is a co-defendant of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Government in 32 ongoing administrative improbity actions, in addition to being an assistant prosecutor in 90 criminal actions related to the crimes investigated by Car Wash Operation.


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