APA Corp. Engages GHD for Third-party Emissions Verification

(APA, 22.Sep.2022) — APA Corporation (Nasdaq: APA) announced engagement of GHD, a privately-owned global professional services company specializing in the implementation and verification of sustainability projects. This engagement underpins APA’s commitment to protecting the environment, which includes an all employee compensation-linked goal announced earlier this year to eliminate at least 1 million tonnes of CO2e by the end of 2024.

“We are pleased to work with GHD to support our ongoing efforts to verify the emissions we eliminate through various environmental projects,” said APA Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Vice President Jessica Jackson. “Third-party validation reinforces our commitment to emissions reduction while recognizing the performance of team members across our company to meet our environmental goals.”

GHD is an international, employee-owned network of environmental, engineering, design and construction professionals. Founded in Australia in 1928, the firm comprises more than 10,000 employees with multi-disciplinary expertise that work in 200 offices across five continents. GHD has extensive experience with multiple industries, including energy and mining, food and agriculture, and construction.

Over the next two years, GHD will serve as an independent, third-party verifier of environmental projects emissions data, supporting the improvement of emissions reporting methods and allowing a more fulsome evaluation of how to responsibly meet growing worldwide energy demand. The GHD team will take a multi-segmented approach, bringing in digital, air quality and decarbonization experts to perform a holistic review that can validate data across operating areas.

“APA is making great strides in their commitment to sustainability, proactively taking on the dual challenge of emissions reduction and increased production to meet global energy demands,” said Rob Campbell-Watt, GHG validation and decarbonization lead at GHD. “We look forward to collaborating on this project and witnessing the accomplishment of their ESG goals over the coming years.”


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