Petrobras on Official Letter from Ministry of Mines and Energy 

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(Petrobras, 14.May.2024) — Petrobras informs that it has received Official Letter No. 214/2024/GM-MME, through which the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), after being informed of Mr. Jean Paul Prates’ request for early termination of his term as CEO of Petrobras through negotiation and, if approved, his intention to subsequently resign from the position of member of the Board of Directors of the company, appoints Ms. Magda Maria de Regina Chambriard to then hold the positions of CEO of the company and member of the Board of Directors of Petrobras.

The appointment will be subject to internal corporate governance procedures, including the respective compliance and integrity analyses necessary for the company’s succession process, with an evaluation by the People Committee and the Board of Directors, in accordance with article 150 of Law 6.404/76 and articles 20 and 25 of the company’s Bylaws.

Ms. Magda Chambriard holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ (1989) and a degree in Civil Engineering from UFRJ (1979), and is specialized in reservoir engineering and formation evaluation and later in oil and gas production at what is now called Petrobras University. She has taken several courses, in addition to those related to oil and gas production, including Development of Management in Production Engineering, Negotiation of Exploration and Production Contracts, Qualification in Negotiation in the Oil Industry, Risk Management, Accounting, Management, Leadership, and development for the Board of Directors. She began her career at Petrobras in 1980, always working in the production area, where she accumulated knowledge about all production areas in Brazil. She was assigned to ANP to assume the position of advisor to the Exploration and Production Directorate in 2002, when she worked as a business consultant for E&P in the New Business area of Petrobras E&P. At ANP, shortly after assuming the position of advisor, she also took on the superintendencies of exploration and block definition, with a view to bidding rounds. She was responsible for implementing the ANP’s Geological and Geophysical Plurianual Plan, which resulted in the collection of essential data for the success of bidding rounds in new frontier sedimentary basins. She assumed the position of Director at ANP in 2008 and the position of General Director in 2012, having led the creation of the Safety and Environment Superintendency, the Information Technology Superintendency, the work related to the studies and preparation of contracts and bidding documents, as well as the technical studies that culminated in the first pre-salt bidding round, in addition to the traditional bidding rounds under the concession regime. She was responsible for the areas of Audit, Ombudsman’s Office, Legal Department, Bidding Promotion, Supply, Fuel Distribution and Retail Supervision, Human Resources, Administrative-Financial, Government Relations, as well as Exploration and Production.


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