ANCAP Interested In Hydrogen For Transport, Marta Jara Says

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(Energy Analytics Institute, Aaron Simonsky, 11.Nov.2018) — Uruguay is studying possibilities with hydrogen.

“ANCAP is interested in the hydrogen option, because it is an ideal energy for transport, and which can be managed with an infrastructure similar to that of other liquid fuels,” reported online media LaRed21, citing ANCAP President Marta Jara.

Hydrogen as a fuel is currently being analyzed by certain countries worldwide due to its “zero emissions,” which reap benefits for the planet.

Hydrogen can be physically stored as either a gas or a liquid. Storage as a gas typically requires high-pressure tanks (5000–10,000 psi tank pressure). Storage of hydrogen as a liquid requires cryogenic temperatures since the boiling point of hydrogen at one atmosphere pressure is -252.8°C, according to data posted to the website of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy or EERE.

“Not all the renewable energy generated in [Uruguay] is used; therefore, the hydrogen option would allow for storage,” concluded Jara.



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