TotalEnergies: Capital Increase Reserved for Employees of in 2024

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(TotalEnergies, 6.Jun.2024) — In accordance with its policy in favour of employee shareholding, the Board of Directors of TotalEnergies SE decided, on 21 Sep. 2023, to carry out a capital increase reserved for eligible employees and former employees of TotalEnergies SE and its French and foreign subsidiaries in which the company holds directly or indirectly more than 50% (in terms of capital or voting rights), that are members of the PEG-A Group savings plan, in France and abroad, under the conditions set by the sixteenth resolution at the Shareholders’ Meeting of 26 May 2023.

On 25 Apr. 2024, the Chairman and CEO set (i) the subscription period from 29 Apr. to 14 May 2024 (included) and (ii) the subscription price at 46.90 euros per share, corresponding to the average of the closing prices of the TotalEnergies share on Euronext over the twenty trading sessions preceding the date of this decision, reduced by a 30% discount and rounded off to the highest tenth of a euro.

At the end of this period, 63,662 employees in 96 countries, representing 55.3% of the eligible employees and former employees, subscribed to this capital increase for an amount of 480.8mn euros. These results are significantly on the rise compared to the last years in terms of participation and amount subscribed.

“Employee share ownership is the best way to associate employees with the economic performance of the company, strengthen their sense of belonging and align the interests of employees and shareholders.

TotalEnergies’ proactive policy put the company at the top of the ranking of European firms for employee shareholding, based on the amount of the share capital held by its employees. Employees responded this year again en masse to the capital increase reserved for them, investing nearly 500 million euros, 35% more than last year. It is a great success and a genuine pride for me personally, since these figures demonstrate how strong the attachment of our employees to their company is and how much they support the strategy that we implement”, declared Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies.

As a result, 10,833,187 new shares will be issued on 6 Jun. 2024. They will carry immediate dividend rights and will be fully assimilated with TotalEnergies shares already listed on Euronext.

Following this issuance, the employee shareholders in TotalEnergies SE’s share capital, within the meaning of Article L. 225-102 of the French Commercial Code, will represent 8,13% of the company’s share capital as of 6 Jun. 2024.


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