New SIF-Prevention Training Gives Field Leaders Ownership in Safety Culture

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(Chesapeake, 7.Feb.2024) — Chesapeake is continuing to enhance safety across the organization by recently holding a week-long train-the-trainer workshop for field leaders. The workshop is one part of a comprehensive training program focused on reducing Serious Incidents and Fatalities (SIFs).

Ten leaders who oversee field personnel attended the workshop, which focused on basic safety techniques, increasing hazard recognition, improving decision-making, reducing errors and more.

The field leaders now will take what they learned and facilitate the same workshop with their own teams in the coming months.

“It is important for us as leaders to own this process to ensure everyone is of the same understanding in expectations and duties of our teams,” said Haynesville Senior Drilling Superintendent Jimmy Anderson, who attended the workshop. “These leaders and I go beyond being mere participants; we are now the driving force behind a transformative program. In our role as trainers, we bear the crucial responsibility of educating our approximately 300-member field staff on comprehending and minimizing exposure points.”

HSER kicked off the SIF training program last year with executive leaders, followed by a series of workshops with the next level of field leaders to ensure all levels are engaged. In addition to helping identify exposures and reduce SIFs, the workshops reinforce the message that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“We want to recognize and celebrate these leaders for the work they put into the workshop and their commitment to a safer workplace focused on SIF prevention,” said HSE Governance and Workover Supervisor Harris Marcom. “Their efforts resonate with our shared values, and I am confident that their influence will continue to shape a culture of safety within our organization.”

By being well-equipped to address, lead and educate their teams on Chesapeake’s safety standards, these leaders will have an immeasurable impact on the company’s safety culture and behaviors.

“Focusing on controlling SIF exposures is a cultural shift in how we approach safety. Operational leaders taking on the responsibility of training our staff demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our teams and overall success of this program,” said Marcellus Operations Manager Josh Lawrence, who also attended the recent workshop. “Additionally, field leaders bring experience and knowledge that is woven into the training to make it an even more relatable and engaging experience.”

Haynesville Operations Manager Jonathan Wheelis said that he also believes it’s important for leaders to deliver the workshops to their employees, consultants and contractors.

“We can truly relate real-world, everyday scenarios and life experiences that make the training material feel very relevant and personal. We work as a family. We spend more time with our work family than we do with our actual families, so being able to communicate the content in the workshops and make those personal connections is vital to having a positive outcome, thereby driving exposure out of our business,” he said.


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