Trek Bicycle and World Bicycle Relief Partner for Third Year in a Row

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(Trek Bicycle, 9.Nov.2023) — Today, Trek Bicycle and World Bicycle Relief (WBR) announced their third annual holiday fundraiser to help mobilize people in rural communities with purpose-built Buffalo Bicycles. This year, the two organizations aim to raise a total of $1mn, with Trek matching all donations up to $375,000 between now and 31 Dec. 2023. Customers can donate to the campaign on

“The past few years, our World Bicycle Relief holiday campaigns have raised millions of dollars and helped place tens of thousands of Buffalo Bicycles into the communities that need them most,” said Trek Bicycle Vice President of Advocacy Bob Burns. “World Bicycle Relief uses bikes to change the world, one person at a time, and we’re proud to help provide a means for transportation that allows riders to conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence, and thrive.”

The unique and innovative Buffalo Bicycle helps students get to school, health workers to patients, farmers to markets, and more. 70% of World Bicycle Relief’s efforts benefit women and girls specifically and offer advantages that extend beyond transportation. Communities with Buffalo Bicycles have seen an increase in positive self-image and female participation in local clubs and community groups.

Buffalo Bicycles have also had a tremendous impact on girl students around the world. According to a randomized controlled trial that assessed World Bicycle Relief’s programs in Zambia between 2017 and 2018, communities with Buffalo Bicycles saw a 28% reduction in absenteeism, a 19% decrease in dropouts, and a 66% increase in school punctuality. Girls’ commute times also decreased by 33% and there was a 22% reduction in harassment on their way to school.

Since 2020, Trek and World Bicycle Relief’s annual fundraiser has raised over $3mn thanks to the generosity of Trek retailers, customers, and employees around the world. This money has helped provide over 18,000 Buffalo Bicycles to people in rural communities across Africa and Colombia.  

“People need transport to go about their daily lives, but in rural areas the options are limited, if there are any options at all,” says Johanna Vega, World Bicycle Relief’s Colombia Program Manager. “Every Buffalo Bicycle has its own story to tell. A bicycle helps people access basic services, it helps them get to school, it opens new markets for entrepreneurs, and helps communities come together. Whatever the use, bicycles help people in rural areas pursue a better future.”

Trek has been a partner of World Bicycle Relief since the early 2000s, playing a key role in the product development process that resulted in the current Buffalo Bicycle that is mobilizing communities today. These bikes are developed specifically to meet the pressing needs of people in rural regions and are engineered to withstand heavy loads, long distances, and rugged terrain. They’re reliable, simple to maintain, and easy to repair in the field, fulfilling World Bicycle Relief’s goal of creating a sustainable bicycle infrastructure in rural communities by employing trained field mechanics to ensure access to quality maintenance for all end users.

To donate to the 2023 holiday fundraiser, visit The campaign will run from 9 Nov. – 31 Dec. 2023. To learn more about World Bicycle Relief’s efforts, visit


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